Spreafico sales channels

In 60 years of experience and relationships with our customers, we have had the opportunity to establish a reputation as a reliable partner in several different distribution channels: from cruise-ship catering to traditional retail and the export market. This is how we manage to develop and interact constructively at every stage of the fruit and vegetable supply chain both in Italy and abroad.

Through our passion for the world of fruit and vegetables and our continued commitment to our everyday work, we have established and consolidated business relationships with several partners.

With the same dedication and professionalism, we supply our products to Italian and international retail chains, European markets and small retailers with the will to improve and meet the needs of consumers.

Since 2000, we have also been active in the HoReCa Food Service and cruise-ship catering sectors, successes we have been able to achieve thanks to the organization, professionalism and flexibility of the Spreafico group.

Traditional Markets

It is in this area that we took our first steps into the world of fruit and vegetables in 1955. Having a direct relationship with the men and women who sell fruits and vegetables in their stores every day remains essential for us.

For more than 60 years we have been working closely with greengrocers and traditional markets.

There are Spreafico stalls in the most important produce markets: in Milan, Bologna
Verona and Rome.

Modern Distribution

Modern distribution is a channel that enables us to interact with our end consumers. In collaboration with several retail partners we have been creating branded products and growing business within their stores to promote our product lines and offer new tastes for end consumers. These occasions give us great opportunities to understand what our customers really need.

We have decades of experience in the world of modern distribution

Every day we bring fruits and vegetables to major stores all over Italy.

HoReCa and Food Service Channel

For over 40 years we have been supplying our produce to hotels and tourism facilities all over Italy, always guaranteeing freshness and quality. From the selection of products to their distribution, we guarantee a continuous and constant assortment throughout the year.

We have been working with dedication in the HoReCa world for over 40 years now

We deliver our fruit and vegetables to commercial and collective catering services around the country

Cruise ships

In recent years, the cruise-ship restaurant industry has continued to grow, thanks in part to more modern ships that can accommodate up to 8,000 people and a more structured and modern service system. With the aim of renewal and growth, we have developed this business by supplying the best cruise ships not only with fruits and vegetables, but also all food and basic necessities.

We have been working in the world of cruise-ship dining since 1998.

We collaborate with the most important and well-known cruise-line companies in Europe and America


As our company grew, we also began to export our major product lines abroad. An adventure that started 40 years ago and today sees us in contact with modern distribution customers not only in Europe but also in Central America, United Arab Emirates, South East Asia and many other countries.

Our kiwi is the fruit that has conquered the foreign market, along with our pears, plums, apricots and nectarines.

In Europe, we are currently exporting most of our produce to Austria, Germany, Spain and Switzerland

Our people

Meet the people whose endeavours ensure you get the best produce


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