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 Italian Producers

Spreafico collaborates every day with over 60 berry growers, with the common goal of joining a path of growth, sustainability and success


Spreafico agronomists provide farmers for over 100 hectares of crops with skills, passion, and commitment in order to choose the best varieties to plant and to keep crops healthy, with a completely sustainable approach


The production of Spreafico berries extends over 11 Italian regions, from Sicily to Piedmont. This allows to make a 100% Italian product available for long periods of the year


To ensure high quality products all year round, Spreafico has also been enhancing the value of foreign fruit and vegetable supply chain for years, importing products from 15 countries around the world

Dal campo alla tavola, i Piccoli sono molto più di semplici frutti di bosco: mirtilli, lamponi, more, ribes e fragole disponibili tutto l’anno, racchiudono la bontà e i benefici della natura, per regalare un’occasione di benessere, in qualunque momento della giornata e a ogni età. Garantisce Spreafico.
i Piccoli is a registered brand of Spreafico,
the Group that has been bringing quality fruit and vegetables throughout Italy for over 65 years.