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What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is recorded on the device (PC, Notebook, Smartphone, Tablet) used to consult Web pages (Internet Sites). It contains information that can be used to identify you and track your activity.
Per maggiori informazioni su cosa sono e come funzionano i Cookie, consulta la Wikipedia page.

Does this Site use cookies?

Yes, cookies are used on this Site to facilitate and improve navigation (Technical cookies), and to collect access statistics (Analytical cookies).
They can be session cookies (they are created at the start of the consultation of this Site and are deleted when you leave) or persistent (they remain on your device even after you stop consulting this Site), and of different durations (from a few hours, to several days, months or permanent).

Technical Cookies:These are necessary for the proper functioning of certain functionalities of the Site. Generally speaking, they are used to recognise the user by preventing him/her from having to re-enter certain information each time he/she returns to this Site, such as for (non-exhaustive list) Manage and remember items added to the shopping cart; Allow users to access private areas without having to log in; Remember actions, choices or preferences made by the user; etc... .

Analytical Cookies:These are used to collect information on the use of the site, such as (the list is for illustrative purposes only and is not exhaustive): how you arrived at the site pages; pages visited; time spent; etc... . The purpose is to carry out statistical analyses, or to optimise the site and monitor its proper functioning. In general, they serve to understand how visitors use the site and provide a better browsing experience by improving the way content is presented.

Third-party cookies
When you browse the pages of this Site, you may receive cookies either directly from the site you visit ("owner" cookies) or from sites operated by other organisations ("third party" cookies).
This is because some features of the site or parts of the pages you visit are operated using code generated by third parties.
The presence of these portions of code involves the transmission of cookies to and from all services operated by third parties, whose management of the information collected is governed by the relevant policies to which please refer.
An example of a 'third party' cookie is that of Google Analytics: a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, which uses it to collect and analyse information on user behaviour on this Site. This information is collected by Google Analytics, which processes it for the purpose of compiling reports on activities on this Site.

Another example of 'third-party' cookies is the presence of 'social plugins' such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. . The most common use of social plugins is to share content on social networks and to recognise users, to provide functionality such as logging in to the site using social network credentials.

What cookies are recorded and how do I manage them?

Users can control which cookies are installed and decide whether or not to accept them by using the settings on their Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer...). The setting can be defined specifically for different sites and web applications.
All browsers allow you to define different settings for 'proprietary' and 'third-party' cookies. In general, it is always possible to access a control panel where one can define whether or not to accept the different types of cookies and proceed to their removal.
The total or partial disabling of technical cookies may affect the use of the functionalities of this Site. Disabling "third party" cookies, on the other hand, does not affect navigability.

Given the vast number of types of devices that can be used to consult the websites, Operating Systems, Browsers, etc., and also considering that the functionalities change very frequently, it is difficult to provide and maintain a complete, detailed and constantly updated list on how to manage cookies for each possible combination. We therefore recommend that you refer to the documentation specific to your Browser, Operating System and Device.

Below are reference links for some of the main browsers (this list is indicative and not exhaustive):

By continuing to browse this Site without changing your settings, or by clicking 'Ok' in the cookie warning banner, you agree to receive cookies.

Date of update: 12.03.2020