Organic Products

Fruits and vegetables grown using all the techniques of organic farming. Discover Spreafico Group’s organic range.

SOUPS by MARCO ROVEDA – The organic pioneer

Minestrone, soups and creams are just some of the dishes we prepare with selected and quality-controlled vegetables from a guaranteed organic supply chain. to help people lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Not just fruits of the forest: blueberries, raspberries and currants encompassing all our know-how available all year round.


With the twin goals of improvement and innovation, at our Dolzago site we have developed a new plant dedicated to our ready-to-eat fruit line which has become one of the most innovative and tightly controlled structures in the fruit and vegetable sector.
Here, pineapple, kiwi, pears, and much, much more are carefully washed and accurately and patiently hand-cut by a dedicated team in a safe and controlled environment.

Exotic fruits

Not only mango and avocado, but also passion fruit and bananito: the category dedicated to those who love exciting new flavours.


Potatoes, vegetables, leafy vegetables: we only offer quality vegetables.


Discover the fruit we grow, check and pack
in our warehouses.