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Usage of cookies

Cookies are snippets of data that allow us to see how users navigate our site. We use cookie-collected data to make the user's surfing experience more pleasant and efficient in the future.

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Types of cookies used

Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary to navigate throughout the site and use it to the fullest, e.g. to access the site's protected areas. Without these cookies some essential services, like form filling, cannot be accessed.

Performance cookies

These cookies collect data on website usage, e.g. which pages receive more visits. These cookies do not collect user-identifying information. All cookie-collected information is aggregate and therefore anonymous. These cookies are only used to improve a website's functionality. By browsing our site, the user understands such cookies may be installed on his/her device.

Session cookies

Session cookies are stored temporarily in device memory while browsing a site, e.g. to keep track of chosen language. Session cookies are stored on the device for a brief period and are automatically deleted as soon as the user quits the Web browser.

Activation/deactivation or deletion of cookies

Cookies may be limited or blocked by setting preferences in the browser's settings page.

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