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The guarantees of quality

The priority of Spreafico's supply chain is product traceability. Product traceability is the capability to track down a single unit of prouct to the source, via each step of the distribution process. Product traceability allows:

  • a relationship between end consumer and grower based on trust. Each step of the distribution process is documented and held to the highest quality standards
  • the management of problems due to product defects arising during the packaging or distribution process.

Spreafico is able to:

  • keep growers accountable regarding their agronomic choices and their impact on the environment
  • manage products that need to have set specifications or meet technical standards, in all the steps of the supply chain: cultivation, storage, packaging and distribution
  • provide technical support to clients who wish to have their own labels; more specifically, providing technical standards and specific production plans drawn by our own experienced agronomists