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"Spreafico Francesco & Brothers" was established in 1963 in Dolzago (Lc), with produce marketing and distribution as its own core business. Funded by Francesco, the company quickly added Francesco's brothers Ferdinando and Carlo as partners. The first Spreafico's storage and distribution center was established the same year. In the 70s the Spreafico Brothers widened the scope of their business by adding to their operations growing pears and apples in Emilia. In 1975, another milestone: the Spreafico Brothers built the processing plant in Sala Bolognese, equipped with cold storage units and packaging machines.

The 80s saw a considerable growth of the company, especially in its capacity as a producer. The Spreafico Brothers added new farms, increased the size of the production facilities in Dolzago and in Sala Bolognese. In the 90s the Spreafico Brothers successfully bet on the potential of the Kiwi fruit in the Italian market. Kiwi became one of its core products. A clear sign of that was the acquisition of the plant of Santa Maria di Codifiume (Fe), a site mainly dedicated to Kiwi processing and packaging. Moreover, in 1996 Spreafico bought farmlands to grow Kiwi Green and Gold in the Latina area, adding later on a storage unit to serve that very same area. In the meantime, the sons of the founders (Cesare, Mauro, Raffaele, Simone and Giovanni Casiraghi) gradually made it to management and executive positions within the company - developing with their energy and passion all the areas of operations and the different markets in which Spreafico operates. Today, Spreafico's production core includes two national cooperatives of growers and close partnerships with farmers located abroad and overseas, in addition to production facilities directly owned by Spreafico.

In the 2000s Spreafico went public and in 2003 it acquired the SIEF group, a fruit and vegetables import company. While developing its import side of the business, Spreafico developed its distribution network in Italy and internationally. Spreafico S.p.A. serves the main retail companies in Italy and abroad, the HO.RE.CA. distribution channel and the traditional distribution channels as well. Spreafico directly controls distribution centers located in the main wholesale Italian markets of Milan, Bologna and Verona. In 2005 Spreafico has begun an effort to internationalize its production capacity by buying farms in Chile. This development is part of Spreafico's strategy to become a company fully integrated in the international supply chain of fruits and vegetables,as a trustworthy partner recognized worldwide.